Best Upcoming RPGs 2022

Do you love role-playing games as much as we do? If so, check out our list of the best upcoming RPGs of 2021.

Many of the best role-playing games are massive timesinks that require upwards of hundreds of hours to complete.

That’s a big commitment for a lot of gamers, which is probably why so many RPGs end up in the growing pile of games we swear we’ll get around to “someday.”

Will things ever change? Probably not, seeing as 2022 is packed with some of the best-looking RPGs we’ve ever seen. 

In this list, we’ll highlight the best upcoming RPGs releasing in 2022 and beyond in order of release date.

We’ll be updating this list with new titles in the future, so make sure to check back and let us know if we missed any of your favorite upcoming RPGs!

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Historical CRPG Expeditions: Rome sees players taking on the role of a young Legatus whose father was murdered by a political rival, forcing them to flee Rome and seek refuge in the military.

Its not long before you find yourself exerting the will of Rome through your actions as you travel across the world conquering lands near and far however you see fit.

This includes tackling challenges with an iron fist or silver tongue, forming political alliances, or burning bridges that will decide the fate of your legion, close companions, and Rome itself.

Expeditions: Rome introduces character customization, unique companions, crafting and loot systems, as well as classic turn-based battling with level-based progression.

Following the release of Diamond and Pearl remakes on the Switch, Pokemon Legends: Arceus is the next mainline entry in the RPG series.

In it, players are transported to a bygone era of the Sinnoh region’s history based on 19th century Japan, back when it was known as the Hisui region.

The story sees you embarking on an ambitious undertaking to create the very first Pokedex and eventually encountering the mythical Pokemon Arceus.

While the gameplay sticks fairly close to the core Pokemon format, Legends: Arceus introduces more active elements such as real-time battling and open-world exploration.

Originally known as Project T, Lost Ark is an upcoming MMORPG originally released in Korea in November 2018 that’s set for a worldwide release in February 2022.

In it, players will embark on an adventure in a vast and vibrant world spanning seven continents teeming with lost treasure and challenging foes looking to harness the power of a mystical Ark.

Along the way, you’ll have the opportunity to define your playstyle by selecting from various classes, advanced classes, and further customizable skills, weapons, and gear.

As is expected of the genre, Lost Ark will give players a chance to prove their might across PvE battles and raids as well as PvP duels with real-time combat.

Long shrouded in mystery, Elden Ring‘s appearance at E3 2021 came as a relief for fans who have been eager to learn more about From Software’s next open-world action RPG.

Aside from its dark fantasy lore being penned by George R.R. Martin and Hidetaka Miyazaki’s role as director, we’ve also learned more about how the game will play.

Elden Ring’s combat draws inspiration from previous From Software games, namely the Souls series, but with a bit more verticality akin to Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

There’s also a horse you can ride throughout the open world, seemingly even during battles, and it can jump really high.

The next entry in Square Enix’s “HD-2D” series is currently in production under the working title Project Triangle Strategy.

While the game shares many similarities with Octopath Traveler, it’s currently being touted as a successor and not a direct sequel.

In it, three nations vie for control over scarce resources and find themselves thrust into tactical turn-based battles.

Combat draws influence from classic strategy RPGs like Final Fantasy Tactics, complete with positional advantages, follow-up attacks, and elemental chain reactions.

Presented as an alternate universe retelling of the original Final Fantasy, Stranger of Paradise follows a new group of characters as they set out to defeat the malevolent Chaos.

The game centers on Jack Garland, a man consumed by the need to destroy Chaos as he’s joined by companions Ash and Jed on a quest to fulfill their duty as the Warriors of Light.

Together, they’ll venture across a dark fantasy world and fight monsters that appear throughout the series using real-time combat.

During battles, Jack can swap between physical and magical attacks as well as perform finishing blows once an enemy’s break gauge is depleted.

If you’ve ever wanted to take a trip through a dark fantasy reimagining of the Old Wild West, then Weird West is the game for you.

In it, players take on the role of unconventional lawmen and gunslingers making their mark on the unforgiving frontier teeming with fantastical creatures.

Each journey is unique and evolves depending on the player’s actions and choices, allowing you to carve out your own legends and align with different factions.

There are sure to be some brutal choices and even harsher consequences that arise from interacting with Weird West’s immersive sim world.

Forspoken is an upcoming open-world action-adventure game currently in development at Luminous Productions, a new Square Enix game studio formed by members of the Final Fantasy 15 development team.

The game sees you controlling a fleet-footed young woman, likely named Athia, as she explores a “world not her own,” comprised of snowy mountains, lush forests, and ancient ruins.

In the teaser trailer, we can see Athia possesses the power to make roots grow out of the ground and fire-breathing wolves are among the game’s enemy types.

Considering the developer’s affinity for JRPGs, it’ll be interesting to see them apply their talent to a new genre with Project Athia. If you’re a Final Fantasy fan, definitely keep your eye on this one.

From the same studio that brought us GreedFall comes the character action game SteelRising, where players take on the role of an automaton masterpiece called Aegis.

Set during the Parisian revolution os 1789, the game sees you harnessing Aegis’ mechanical prowess to engage in ruthless and intense fights against other technological marvels.

To survive, players will have to push their nerves and skills to their limits while honing in on a unique playstyle ranging from fearsome warrior to deadly dancer to elemental master.

It’s an interesting premise that seems to be combining the best parts of Dark Souls’ combat with historically-based fiction in order to deliver an unforgettable experience.

Inspired by Dark Souls, Thymesia is a demanding action RPG that centers on fast-paced combat and an intricate plague weapon system.

Set in a kingdom where death is constantly spreading, it casts you as a mysterious plague doctor named Corvus who preys upon enemies and wields the power of disease.

Corvus is on a mission to regain his memory and uncover the truth behind curing the world of its alchemic curse by defeating gruesome bosses and harnessing their power.

The game touts the ability to discover your own unique playstyle by upgrading Corvus’ weapons and abilities as well as multiple endings depending on choices made throughout the story.

Outside of movie tie-ins and the occasional mobile release, we haven’t really seen many games explore the magical world of Harry Potter.

That’s set to change when Avalanche and Warner Bros.’ upcoming open-world action RPG Hogwarts Legacy releases next year.

Set during the late 1800s, it casts players as a new student at Hogwarts tasked with choosing their House and attending classes while exploring the school’s mysterious grounds.

Over time, they’ll learn to cast different spells, brew potions, tame magical beasts, and battle enemies while navigating a morality system based on their actions.

Nobody Saves the World is the next project to come out of Drinkbox Studios, the creators of Guacamelee, and plans to dive deep into shapeshifting game mechanics.

It sees you attempting to prevent a great calamity from unfolding by exploring a colorful world and completing tasks using a combination of 15+ distinct forms.

By mixing and matching each hero’s abilities, ranging from rats to rogues to robots and everything in between, you’ll unlock new powers and synergies to aid you in your quest.

As you grow stronger, Nobody Saves the World’s procedurally generated dungeons will continually evolve, increasing in difficulty and complexity to match your power.

Sporting a similar retro-inspired art style to that of Undertale, She Dreams Elsewhere is a surreal RPG about dreams and their connection to reality.

In it, you play as Thalia, a comatose woman suffering from anxiety as she sets out to confront her demons and awaken once and for all.

Despite being a narrative-driven experience, the game also features a turn-based battling system that pits you against a host of nightmarish monsters.

Thalia can recruit characters to join her party and strengthen her bond with each using a “Connection” system.

Jack Move is a pixel art JRPG that draws inspiration from the classic Mega Man Battle Network games while telling an original cyberpunk story.

In it, you take on the role of Noa, a rogue hacker who finds herself thrust into a world of murder, kidnapping, and twisted research after her father mysteriously disappears.

Combat is turn-based and provides countless opportunities to devise unique strategies by customizing Noa’s Cyber Deck mid-battle.

This allows her to switch roles and adjust her mix of offense, defense, and buffs in combination with hardware upgrades that increase stats and unlock new abilities.

Following THQ Nordic’s acquisition of Piranha Bytes back in May 2019, the company has begun working on a remake of the classic 2001 action RPG Gothic.

For the remake, THQ Nordic appears to be leaving the story alone, instead opting to focus on updating the game’s visuals and combat.

In it, you play as a prisoner of a mining colony who receives a letter requesting him to seek out a group of wizards knowns as the Order of the Magicians of Fire.

If you would like to check out the game for yourself, THQ has released a free playable teaser you can download through Steam.

Arguably one of the biggest surprises to come out of E3 2019 is Nintendo’s announcement that work on a sequel to 2017’s Breath of the Wild has already begun.

Judging by the reveal trailer, the next entry will maintain BOTW‘s art style while sporting a much darker tone.

At one point, we’re able to see Ganondorf’s reanimated corpse before the camera switches to an exterior shot where Hyrule Castle is seen rising into the air.

Fans have already begun comparing the sequel to Majora’s Mask, another heavy hitter in the Zelda series known for its darker themes and mature undertones.

Bethesda announced Starfield back in 2018 with a teaser trailer and we haven’t heard much aside from some small leaks of info leading up to an update during E3 2021.

We now know the game will be releasing exclusively for Xbox and PC and coming to Game Pass on launch day.

Similar to previous Bethesda RPGs like Skyrim, Starfield will see players embarking on an epic open-world adventure, only this time in space.

There’s still some mystery surrounding what mankind is turning to the stars in search of, though if we had to wager, it probably has something to do with aliens.

Even though Bethesda is more occupied with Elder Scrolls: Online, they still like to occasionally remind us Elder Scrolls VI is coming.

That being said, we haven’t received an update since 2018, so it’s likely Bethesda will have something to show before the year is through.

Current speculation suggests ES6 might be set in the Skyrim-adjacent region High Rock based on the announcement trailer depicting a mountainous northern province.

It’s also rumored that the ongoing conflict with the Thalmor may be a key element in the game’s plot.

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